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Dr. Mary Ella Collins, Founder

In 1985 Dr. Collins established an Artist Management business, Mary Ella Collins and Associates. MECA represented a select roster of classical singers, conductors, and directors, nationally and abroad. Artists on the roster have achieved notoriety including a bass that has sung featured roles in nine successive full seasons with the Metropolitan Opera, and artists in leading roles with major companies for operas and orchestras worldwide. She continues giving business services, guidance, and inspiration to empower performers in developing their careers.


Her leadership abilities as a visionary are combined with analytic and inductive reasoning, abstract thinking, problem solving, and creative abilities. She is sought for consultations by organizations and individuals from varied professions for her keen insights and these qualities. Her engagements include workshops, seminars, and adjudication of music performances. Dr. Collins holds a Ph.D. from the University of North Texas (Higher Education Administration; Music Teaching Field), Master of Music from UNT, graduate study in Music Therapy, and a Bachelor of Science in Music Education from the University of Illinois.


Dr. Collins’ many humanitarian experiences range from training in music therapy, medical and dental assistance, to serving on boards of medical societies. She serves on Guilds and Boards of many Arts Nonprofits, including The Dallas Opera (Guild Chair of Community Outreach), Dallas Symphony, Dallas Theatre Center, and Musical Angels (Board Consultant). And reaches out to underserved communities. Her integrity, enthusiasm, and energy are the foundation of all her activities and service.

Mary Ella passed on to her heavenly home in September, 2020.  Her musical influence is still carrying on!

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